Jane Eyre Jordans is a Canadian-Italian-Jamaican emerging visual artist. Her practice exists primarily in performance, new media, video, sculptural installation, and drawing. Her work has dealt with themes of intimacy in the digital age, the body and movement, space, and sex and sexuality.

She received her undergraduate degree at OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from the integrated media program. 

She is the creator of ARTE an online community art gallery and resource centre that displays the work of youth artists from marginalized communities. 


 "Being raised within multiple cultures fostered my passion for cultural exchange and collaboration."




On now ☯  I Just Feel Like You at Representations of Pain ☯ Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

On now ☯  Me: I Miss You 😘 at Dyscorpia. ☯ Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

////Upcoming Events////

🙃POSTPONED🙃 ☯ place space object at Kazoo! Fest ☯ Guelph, Ontario,Canada.                               

~~~~Past Events~~~~

04. 03. 2019 ☯ That Thing is Called Free ☯  Open Space Gallery ☯ Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

04. 03. 2019 ☯ place space object ☯  Handle Bar ☯ Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

05. 18. 2015 ☯ New Media Work at Gallery Parfois ☯ Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

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